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tural background.▓ We have got the experiences and lessons of the past Olympic


learn Chinese and watch Chinese cultural performances are offered to add c▓olors to their Olympic experience.In line with Interna▓tional Olympic Committee regulations, a religious center was set up in

the village. Worship room

Quick set-up

s are arranged for major religions -- Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism.Beijing l▓ocal food will be a big tourist attraction during the Olympics. The restaurants specialized in traditio

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User friendly

re busy translating their menus into▓ English."We are thinking about translating 'bean juice' into 'Beijing coke' instead of simply explaini▓ng it as 'mungbean-made soup'." Hou Jia, boar▓d chairman of Ji

umen Beijing snacks restau

Fast & Reliable

rant, ▓told reporter from China News Service."This way we hope foreign tourists can better remember these Beijing local snacks," he said.Jiumen Beijing snacks restaurant, which offers some of th▓e most famo

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